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US-4021403-A: Flame resistant thermosetting resin composition and metal clad laminate composed of the thermosetting resin composition patent, US-4631212-A: Manifold patent, US-5243048-A: Antipsychotic 1-cycloalkylpiperidines patent, US-4612465-A: Lateral bidirectional notch FET with gates at non-common potentials patent, US-4929477-A: Heat-shrinkable sleeve and the process for the production thereof patent, US-4837350-A: Process for the preparation of benzoin sulfonates patent, US-5507974-A: Aromatic, substituted pyrimidine compounds, methods for the preparation thereof, and use thereof patent, US-5936679-A: Television receiver having multiple communication capabilities patent, US-6673757-B1: Process for removing contaminant from a surface and composition useful therefor patent, US-4183822-A: Blowing agent composition patent, US-4341822-A: Method of and apparatus for impregnating fabric reinforcement structures with a liquid impregnant patent, US-4957890-A: Surface treated permeable inorganic membranes and method of making same patent, US-4105602-A: Synthesis of peptides with parathyroid hormone activity patent, US-4456515-A: Method for making polarizers comprising a multiplicity of parallel electrically conductive strips on a glass carrier patent, US-5015518-A: Graphite body patent, US-6201254-B1: System for determining and quantifying the alignment of an object with a coupling eyepiece and a recording apparatus patent, US-5604002-A: Optical recording medium and reproducing method therefor patent, US-6418674-B1: Bird repellant method and system patent, US-5981070-A: Water-absorbent agent powders and manufacturing method of the same patent, US-6033443-A: Process for treating cellulose fibres patent, US-6015571-A: Microcapsules containing suspensions of biologically active compounds patent, US-6028090-A: Adhesion receptor antagonists III patent, US-6551383-B1: Filtration system for collecting and filtering particles and fumes from ablative imaging plates patent, US-4897368-A: Method of fabricating a polycidegate employing nitrogen/oxygen implantation patent, US-4950557-A: Composite tool and a process for the production of the same patent, US-5167566-A: Minimizing brassiere patent, US-5708255-A: Prepared meal system with lower hotplate having a plurality of heating zones and an upper radiant heating element and operated in accordance with pre-programmed cooking programs selected by a user patent, US-6590140-B1: Metal-regulated transporters and uses therefor patent, US-4795801-A: Chemical grafting process used to produce a composition, and composition produced thereby patent, US-4661579-A: Completely aromatic polyesters, a process for their preparation and corresponding shaped articles patent, US-6419755-B1: Chemical delacquering process patent, US-6239248-B1: Phenol-novolacs with improved optical properties patent, US-5382377-A: Process for the production of detergents patent, US-5573896-A: Method for processing silver halide color photographic elements using processors having low volume thin tank designs patent, US-6179730-B1: Game ball with logo formed from UV ink patent, US-D388390-S: Vehicle wheel front face patent, US-D482736-S: Design craft kit construction component—leaf form patent, US-D499181-S: Handle for a vessel sealer and divider patent, US-D666379-S: Tie and cuff links retail combination patent, US-D674018-S: Clipboard patent, US-D698017-S: Filter adaptor patent, US-D703039-S: Beverage cartridge patent, US-D706203-S: Bracket patent, US-D715286-S: Portable computer patent, US-D732791-S: Pet food piece patent, US-D735768-S: Engine blower housing with air cleaner patent, US-D736368-S: Cooling fan patent, US-D736988-S: LED lens patent, US-D745485-S: Telephone patent, US-D745807-S: Food serving tray patent, US-D745835-S: Flexible decorative holder patent, US-D745878-S: Display screen with animated graphical user interface patent, US-D747138-S: Collar portion of drinking cup cap patent, US-D747898-S: Pillow patent, US-D749665-S: Camera component patent, US-D750228-S: Piston for a liquid dispensing syringe patent, US-D753812-S: Breathing apparatus patent, US-D754547-S: Shaver package patent, US-D756759-S: Support column for a food shield patent, US-D756947-S: Electronic device patent, US-D756979-S: Cover for mobile phone patent, US-D764035-S: Heat exchanger patent, US-D765444-S: Scarf organizer patent, US-D768639-S: Stand for arithmetic and control unit patent, US-D773578-S: Baseball training aid patent, US-D774762-S: Container patent, US-D777276-S: Golf club head patent, US-D779917-S: Handle patent, US-D780121-S: Universal serial bus (USB) port patent, US-D782517-S: Display screen with graphical user interface patent, US-D782523-S: Display screen or portion thereof with animated graphical user interface patent, US-D786331-S: Camera assembly patent, US-D786562-S: Insulating device patent, US-D787105-S: Flashlight patent, US-D790171-S: Shoe midsole patent, US-D791147-S: Display screen with graphical user interface patent, US-D791686-S: Tire patent, US-D791739-S: Remote control patent, US-D792448-S: Display screen with graphical user interface patent, US-D792504-S: Pick holder patent, US-D792689-S: Sole for footwear patent, US-D794008-S: Cover for an electronic communications device patent, US-D794419-S: Support mount patent, US-D795174-S: Tire patent, US-D795199-S: Retainer for electric connector patent, US-D795751-S: Motorcycle presentation stand patent, US-D797935-S: MRI compatible therapeutic gas injector module patent, US-D798249-S: Electric terminal patent, US-D798760-S: Band patent, US-D799031-S: Blood flow chamber with directional arrow patent, US-D799228-S: Chair patent, US-D800812-S: Linear guideway patent, US-D800891-S: Ceiling fan patent, US-D801729-S: Drawer cabinet patent, US-D802370-S: Spice rack patent, US-D802509-S: Wheel patent, US-D803881-S: Mobile phone display screen with animated graphical user interface patent, US-D803887-S: Display screen with icon patent, US-D804775-S: Combination glove and keyboard patent, US-D806397-S: Oral care implement patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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